The plans provided here are a complete and robust design. In all cases, we have provided what we believe is the most straightforward way to produce an airworthy envelope.

However, in the interest of completeness, we will mention some minor "options" for you to consider. You should feel free to include them or not as suits your taste.

Circumferential Tapes

The load tapes running vertically between panels will stop any horizontal tear that might somehow start in a panel. As an added level of "rip stopping" you have the option of sewing on one or more rings of webbing horizontally around the envelope. The idea is to stop a vertical tear from going very far.

There is disagreement amongst balloon builders about the value of these additional "circumferential tapes" on an envelope of this design.

Some people believe they are simply added weight with essentially no value. If a vertical tear occurs, it will almost certainly be stopped when it reaches the first horizontal seam. The margin of safety is even greater given the relatively small size and large number of panels in this design.

Other folks (those with more of a "suspenders, belt and maybe some duct tape" approach) prefer to add the circumferential tapes as a sure fire way to stop vertical tears.

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