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You should know that while we might be reasonably clever folks, we do not have any formal training in aeronautical engineering. In fact, we don't have any of the recognized professional-grade certifications in the field of aviation. So use the information on this site, and the sites to which it links, at your own risk.

In particular, we are not engineers and do not provide engineering services. Your use of the information on this website does not create an engineer-client relationship between us. We provide this information on what the lawyers call an "as-is" basis. We certainly make no warranties regarding the information provided and disclaim liability for any damages resulting from its use. That means if you read this site and then go out and somehow manage to hurt your darn self, or worse hurt somebody else, do not even think about blaming (or much less suing) us. Got it?

And one more word of caution: As every pilot knows, any time you take command of an aircraft, you are literally taking your life and lives of your passengers into your hands. This is particularly true of flight in an aircraft that you have built yourself. So you would be wise take your work seriously and consult with experienced people in the field.

If you need help finding experienced advisors, drop any of us a line and we'll be glad to assist you in connecting with competent folks. If you build and fly an aircraft without availing yourself of such expertise, you are a fool. And aviation is not kind to fools.

With all that said, building and flying your own aircraft can be one of life's truly wonderful experiences. It certainly has been for us. So quit stalling and take the plunge.

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