1st Annual
Amherst Experimental
Balloon, Hopper, and Airship

June 3-5, 2005
Amherst MA

Crossing the Connecticut River
Photo by Jack Perry

Roland Escher in Ran Out of Pink and Brian Boland's Wanda
Photo by Lee Duckett

Looking Back at the Launch Field Saturday Evening
Photo by The Beard Family

Self-portrait in the Connecticut River
Photo by Jack Perry

Saturday Morning Launch
Photo by Gavin Nachbar

Clayton Thomas Lifts Off on His First Hopper Flight
Photo by Eva Tashjian-Brown

Saturday Evening Launch
Photo by Lori Bottom

Jim Rodrigue's New Balloon Named Dork
Photo by Jack Perry

Dork from Above
Photo by Jack Perry

A professional photographer, Victor Hoyt, was at the event and has posted a selection of his photos online. Contact Victor directly (via his website) if you are looking for something in particular and/or you want to purchase copies in either digital or paper form.

I am collecting the photos sent to me and putting them into directories online. I'll be putting together a gallery of images at some point. But for now, I'm just putting up the "raw bits" and letting folks scan through the images on their own.

Click HERE to see a listing of all of the photographs that I have received.

Each directory contains the pictures of a single photographer.


Curtis Pack sent us this nice write up of the event.

There was also an article in Balloon Life of the event.

Other Information

If you attended the 2005 event, you can use your login ID and password by clicking HERE to get to the other information such as the attendee list.

For more information, send email to dan at nachbar dot com or call 413-549-1321.