Balloonists and friends: 




After tonightÕs weather review, we are looking excellent for my long promised, long dreamed cluster flight early morning, Saturday June 7th.


We have light winds, zero precipitation, little likelihood of fog.  What we do have is HEAT.  Looking to be 95+ degrees on the surface at mid-day.  This means the likelihood of significant thermals is substantial (for non-pilots, this means significant danger.) 


This would dictate either landing early, before the thermals kick up, or flying high and long.  High: flying above 5,000 feet, perhaps up to 7,000 or higher, as needed to be above the thermal soups.  Long:  well-- letÕs just say long.  If IÕm up past 10:00am, I better stay there.  There would be significant risk coming down into the thermal soup mid-day, on a 95-degree day.


I am attaching the NOAA Hysplit trajectory projections, as of tonight.  They are in meters AGL, but what they translate to is every thousand feet, from 1000 to 9000.


Three maps:





YouÕll notice that, when I go higher, I go less distance.  This is GREAT.  Around 4,000 to 6,000 feet, I have trajectories that keep me well inland.  It means I can climb up above the thermal activity, without picking up the speed that would send me out to sea.


One thing:  I need dedicated people that can show up at 3:00am!  Without you, there is no cluster flight! 


Without this community of people, on this list-- I wouldnÕt be on the threshold of accomplishing this dream. 


If you are on this communiquˇ, it means you have contributed to this flight. 


I thank you.



Jonathan R. Trappe