We are on the way to the launch field!



The tracking URL is here:

É [EditorŐs Note: The tracking link is no longer valid.]



We will press 'ok' right before launch, and this will indicate that we are starting flight. Then, periodically throughout the flight, new 'ok' messages just mean we're flying along happily.  


The 'Help' message just means we've landed!   If it alternates with help / ok from the same map point, it is just additional confirmation that we are landed, and everything is fine.


We hope to launch around midnight EST, and fly through past dawn, landing short of the ocean or inland waterways-- perhaps landing by 10:00am EST Wednesday.


Weather map, attached, looks great for flying!  Great big 'H' on top of us


Trajectories at 900, 1500, and 3,000 feet attached! [EditorŐs Note: Coming soon]