Severe regional weather has kept our gas flight grounded so far.  The gas is sitting there on the airfield, just waiting for us.  All that invisible helium, so beautiful and light, just waiting for us.  It beckons to us, calling to me in my sleep, wanting to take us aloft.  (Can something invisible be beautiful?) 


The balloon is in the back of the truck, ready to cooperate.  It hears the siren's song, and wants to go.  For us, weÕre ready to drive out, as soon as we have the opportunity!  (I've never looked so hard at obvious thunderstorm activity and said "well, maybe its just minor sever weather."  Uh, I'm not sure what I meant by 'minor severe' weather.)


But, it's never a bad decision to not fly.  Discretion the better part of valor, all that.


From everything we can tell, this will be the first standard gas balloon launch in the Carolinas in 20 years.  The last was in 1987~


The next window looks to be late Monday night / early Tuesday morning.  IÕve got very important things going on in my workplace right now too, so IÕm not certain IÕll be able to get away for a launch then. 


Thank you very much to everybody that asked if we got this thing in the air!  (Sorry to those people we worried by not sending out a Ōno-goÕ message!)


IÕll send a note with the tracking URL when we are headed to the airfield, if everything works out ok.