Balloonists, Cluster Balloonists, and Friends!


The  gas is on the field, the gondola is assembled, and we are Go! 


Very shortly we will be on the way to the airfield for my long planned, long dreamed cluster balloon launch!  I hope for a safe and legal flight-- one that is interesting and reflects well on this wonderful sport of ballooning, and the tremendous people that are involved.



IF YOU ARE CREW, WE ARE GO!   Please procede to the airfield, 3:00am!

            6966 NC 56 Hwy Franklinton, NC 27525


The site, Carolina Sky Sports, is very easy to find on Google Maps-- just put “Katesville, NC”     



The below URL can be used to track me in real-time, as I fly.  “Ok” just means I’m flying along happily.  “Help” is not an emergency at all!  It just means I’ve landed-- and am requesting normal retrieval from my dedicated crew. 


If it says ‘no data in 24 hours’-- it just means I haven’t launched yet!  If it says that for a long time, then maybe we had to cancel the flight--


I’ll work to update this list with the outcome, as soon as I am home again.


Thank you, so very much, to everyone that has helped make this wonderful adventure happen!  You have my genuine gratitude.




Tracking URL: